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(Legacy) Connect Raiser's Edge

How to connect Raiser's Edge with Funraise

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This integration may not be included in every Funraise plan. Using Importacular, you are able to integrate your Funraise data with Raiser's Edge. Importacular is available as a default plug-in for Raiser's Edge.

Legacy integration

Funraise's direct and automated integration with Raiser's Edge NXT will replace this legacy integration. We recommend getting started with our improved connection.

Requires API Access

Using Importacular's Funraise > Raiser's Edge integration will require access to Funraise's API which is not included in every plan. Contact your Success Manager to learn more about API packages.

This integration is built and managed by Importacular

Importacular maintains this integration. This means that Funraise has limited ability to support this integration and questions about the functionality of this integration should be directed to the Importacular team. Please note: Support from the Importacular team is not a free offering.


Watch this video for a step by step guide to setting up your integration and mapping Funraise fields to Raiser's Edge fields.


The following Funraise data fields are available to map to Raiser's Edge. This is not a complete list. For a complete list of fields that can be mapped, please refer to Importacular.

Donation Data

  • Amount

  • Billing First Name

  • Billing Last Name

  • Billing Zip

  • Check Number

  • Credit Card Last Four

  • Currency

  • Dedication Email

  • Dedication Message

  • Dedication Name

  • Dedication Type

  • Donate Double Company Name

  • Donate Double Employee Email

  • Donation Date

  • Donor Email

  • Donor Full Name

  • Form Name

  • Form URL

  • Form URL Id

  • Gateway Response

  • Id

  • Is Anonymous?

  • Is Complete?

  • Is Dedication?

  • Is Donation Double?

  • Is Imported?

  • Is Recurring?

  • Offline

  • Payment Method

  • Recurring Sequence

  • Status

  • Tags

  • Transaction Created Date

  • Transaction Type

  • Transaction Updated Date

Donor Data

  • Age Range

  • Assigned To Id

  • Donor Created Date

  • Donor Type

  • Email Opt Out?

  • Employer Name

  • Facebook Url

  • Gender

  • Gift Capacity

  • Id

  • Income

  • Job Title

  • LinkedIn URL

  • Net Worth

  • P2G Score

  • Physical Mail Opt Out?

  • Real Estate

  • Total Donation Amount

  • Total Donation Count

  • Twitter Url

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