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How to connect the QuickBooks integration. What does the QuickBooks integration do?

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This integration may not be included in every Funraise plan.

โ˜๏ธ Enhancements to this integration are now available in beta

Major improvements to this integration are now available in beta. If you plan to connect QuickBooks, we highly recommend activating beta features in your account and following the setup instructions listed here.

Funraise can be integrated with QuickBooks Online with a few simple steps.

How it works

  • The integration creates Sales Receipts in QuickBooks when offline donations are entered in Funraise.ย 

  • The integration does not send online donations. This is by design. To send online donations to QuickBooks, we suggest directly integrating your payment gateways with QuickBooks.

Connect QuickBooks

1. From your profile icon (top right), click Settings > Integrations

2. From the QuickBooks integrations card, click on the Actions menu > Edit. Toggle the integration on. Note: If you do not see a QuickBooks option when viewing the integrations screen, contact us to enable the feature.

3. A pop-up OAuth window will appear asking you to authenticate and share data, click Authorize.

4. You'll receive a message letting you know "QuickBooks Successfully Connected" at which point you can close the pop-up window.

Data Syncing

With QuickBooks connected to Funraise, when you enter a new offline transaction, you'll be able to set QuickBooks specific information:

  • QuickBooks Product (Item)

  • QuickBooks Account (DepositToAccount)

  • QuickBooks Payment Method

In addition to these configurable fields, we're also sending data about the donor and donation:

  • Amount

  • Currency

  • Donor Name

  • Donor Email

  • Address fields

  • Check Number (maps to Payment Reference Number)

  • Memo (maps to Private Note)

  • Donation Date

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