This integration may not be included in every Funraise plan.

Funraise can be integrated with the QuickBooks Online with a few simple steps.

What the integration does:

  • The integration creates Sales Receipts in QuickBooks when an offline donation is entered. 

  • This integration DOES NOT send online donations. To do that, you'll want to directly integrate your own payment gateways with your quickbooks accounts.


In Funraise...

1. From the Profile Icon, click "Settings" and then click on the Integrations page.

2. On the Quickbooks integrations card, click on the Actions menu > "Edit". Slide the toggle on for the QuickBooks integration. 

Note: If you do not see a QuickBooks option when viewing the integrations screen, contact us to enable the feature.

3. A pop-up OAuth window will appear asking you to authenticate and if you want to give Funraise access to manage your data, click "Authorize".

4. You'll receive a message letting you know "QuickBooks Successfully Connected" at which point you can safely close the pop-up window.


Updates to your platform:

1. Now, when you enter in a new transaction, you'll notice new fields that enable you to select your QuickBooks specific information.

2. When you enter a new transaction, the transaction will now be created in 



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