Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

Create an Automated Task

Navigate to the Tasks section and click New Task Automation.

Automation Settings

Automation name
Provide a helpful name for the automation.

Assign this task to

When a task is created, it will be assigned to the team member selected.

Response type

Select the appropriate response from the list.

Task color

A helpful indicator for tasks created through this automation.

Task note

Add brief instructions or notes about the automation or the appropriate response.

Reassign supporter based on this task

When a supporter completes a Transaction that creates a task, they can be assigned to the team member selected above. This is a great way to automatically assign donors to portfolios based on their donation activity.

Create interactions when this task is completed

When a task is completed, it can appear in the interaction history on the Supporter's Profile. This is a great way to keep a record of each interaction you've had with a donor.

Automation Rule Filters

Next, you can set the filters that determine which Transactions will create a Task.

Click Automation in the sidebar menu and select the appropriate Transaction filters. Click Save when complete. 

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