Manage Fundraiser pages

Learn the basics of the Page section, how to filter and export fundraiser page lists. Learn how to archive or delete a page.

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Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

After you've created a Campaign Site, you can access and manage details about fundraising pages in the Pages section. The Pages section will display any page with a goal, which includes your homepages, team pages, and individual fundraiser pages.

Create and edit fundraiser pages

You can create and edit your Peer-to-Peer fundraising pages in platform. We've got a detailed article that covers Peer-to-Peer fundraiser page creation and editing.

Filter and export Pages

From the side navigation > click Sites > click Pages

Here you can filter and export fundraising pages:

You can also view and manage details for each page by opening the page profile.

To access a page profile:

Find the page > click Actions (3 dots) > click View Page Profile

To archive (or delete) a page:

From the page profile > click Actions (3 dots) > click Archive Page

To resend the fundraiser verification email:

If a fundraiser is having trouble accessing the original user verification email, you can resend it from the page profile.

From the page profile > click Actions (3 dots) > click Resend Verification Email

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