If you have recurring subscriptions running in another platform using WePay, in most cases, you can migrate them to Funraise. This article provides a template email to send to an existing platform using WePay when requesting a recurring payment method migration. If you're just getting started with a recurring subscription migration, start here.

  • Send an email to your previous platform's representative

  • CC support@funraise.org and api@wepay.com

Hi previous platform and WePay,

We are moving to a new payments platform and will be migrating our recurring donor payment data to the new gateway that will be processing our payments.

Please conduct our migration of recurring payment methods to Spreedly.

We would like to export all our recurring payment methods to Spreedly, a PCI level 1 payment vault. You can find their AOC and latest scan here: https://spreedly.com/pci

Here is Spreedly's public key, which you can use to encrypt the export: https://docs.spreedly.com/guides/migrating/one-time/#pgp

When the export details are ready, please send the encrypted credentials and file names to support@funraise.org and reference my merchant name.

Thank You!

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