If you have recurring subscriptions running in Stripe, you can migrate them to Funraise and manage it all from the comfort of your Funraise platform! Please reach out to your customer success manager for more information about the cost. 

1. Send this email to: support+migrations@stripe.com

Hello Support,

I would like to export all my recurring payment methods to Spreedly, a PCI level 1 payment vault. You can find their AOC and latest scan here: https://spreedly.com/pci

When the export is ready, please send the export to support@spreedly.com and reference my merchant name. Here is Spreedly's public key, which you can use to encrypt the export: https://docs.spreedly.com/guides/migrating/one-time/#pgp

Thank you!

2. Export a report of your previous months recurring donations from Stripe. Be sure to include the Card_ID column in the export. Send this export to us.

In order for Card_ID data to be exported, follow these steps:

  • In Stripe, click on the “Payments” tab
  • Check “Payment Source” and make sure Card Token is selected
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