Resolve duplicate Supporter profiles with the Supporter merge tool.

You can also merge Households.

Merge Supporters:

1. From a Supporter's Action menu (3 dots) > click Merge Supporter

This is the Supporter profile you want to keep. We call this the Merge Winner đŸ„‡

2. Click Add Supporter > search and select the losing Supporter

The Merge Loser is the profile you want to remove after data is merged.

3. Click Merge

What happens when you merge Supporters

1. The following data from the Merge Loser will be added to the Merge Winner:

  • Transactions

  • Interactions 

  • Registrations

  • Orders

  • Questions

  • Subscriptions

2. The Merge Loser profile will be deleted

Good to know

  • Recurring Subscriptions from the Merge Loser are transferred to the Merge Winner and will remain active

  • Contact information from the Merge Loser will be lost

  • Pending campaign emails targeting the Merge Loser will be cancelled

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