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Tags are custom identifiers you can add to Supporters. You'll use tags to create filtered Supporter lists. For example, you might add the tag #alumni to any Supporter who is a previous employee or intern of your organization. This will enable you to quickly pull a list of any Supporter with that tag.

Two ways to add tags to a Supporter:


When you add Supporter Tags to a Giving Form, the tags will be added to any Supporter who makes a new Transaction through the form.

Giving Form > Settings > General > Tags


You can add a tags to a Supporter from their profile contact page.

Supporter profile > Contact > Supporter Tags

Using tags

  • Only letters, numbers, underscores, and hashtags are valid tag characters

  • Tags start with a hash( # ) mark, for example: #volunteer

  • You can use multiple tags: #tag1 #tag2 #tag3

  • Tags are not case sensitive

  • Tags can not contain spaces

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