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How to create and filter transaction tags

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For advanced tracking and reporting you can add tags to donations.

Add transaction tags to a giving form:

Access your Giving Form Editor, navigate to General under the Settings Page.

Scroll down to the Tags card and enter your tag(s).

Good to know: When you add a tag to a giving form, any transaction that occurs through the form in the future will have this tag (adding tags to a form will not affect historic donations that occurred through that form). Re-assigning a transaction to a new giving form, will not add the tags associated to the new giving form.Β 

Now, let's put those tags to work!

  • Tag filter - Now that your transactions have some tags, you can filter a transaction report with your custom tags.Β 

  • Tag saved list - Once you've created a transaction tag report, you can save this transaction report and it will be dynamically updated with activity from your tags.

  • Tag tasks - When you have a saved list, you can automate a task each time a transaction is added to that list. Whoop! 😊 

☝️ Tag syntax is very important. Here is how to use tags like a pro:

  • Do not use any spaces within a single tag

  • Only letters, numbers, underscore, and hashtag are valid, other symbols are invalid

  • Tags start with a hash "#" mark, for example: #radical

  • Multiple tags example: #tag1 #tag2 #tag3

  • Keep tags short, for example: #gala17

  • Tags are not case sensitive

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