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Use Mail Merge to Send Year End Donation Summary Letters
Use Mail Merge to Send Year End Donation Summary Letters

How to print a Yearly Donation Summary.

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Funraise's Yearly Donation Summary email is the most common way to send tax season donation summaries to your donors, but if a donor does not have an email address, they will not receive the Yearly Donation Summary email.
The summary can not be printed from within Funraise. To print your own Yearly Donation Summary letters, you can export a .csv of Transactions from Funraise, and then use external spreadsheet and word processor mail merge tools to create printable letters.
​Note: This is not something your Funraise Success Manager can support because it involves external spreadsheet and word processing tools. We hope this quick article will provide a guide if you're new to mail merging.

In Funraise...

Export Transactions from the previous year. Use filter Date > is exactly > Last Year

In Excel and Word...

This tutorial video details the basics of mail merging. Your solution will be unique for your needs.

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