Our Year End Transaction Summary automated email is the 💣, but you might have supporters who really prefer a paper copy. In that case, you can download a .csv of your supporters in Funraise, and then use some Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word magic to get them the paper they desire. 

In Funraise...

1. Download the .csv of your supporters by filtering for your transactions list. 

  • Choose Magic Date is exactly last year from the filter menu (Pro Tip: tagging donations with #sendmail or something similar makes it easier to find those who prefer paper).

2. Choose "export csv" from the Actions tab

  • Funraise will send the csv to your email. Once you receive it, open up the document in Excel*

In Excel...

1. Highlight all the columns and choose "filter" from the "sort and filter" button on the main tool bar.

2. Select the down arrow next to the Address field and deselect "blank" from the bottom of that list. 

  • Do the same thing for "city," "state," and "zip code." (this will ensure that any records without a proper address fields are not sent a letter). 

3. Next, sort the "created date" and choose the "Ascending" button. 

Now, open up Microsoft Word...

Prior to "Starting the Mail Merge" you will need to create the template. Here are a few key things to add to your template: 

1. Date and Time Stamp can be added by selecting Insert from the top toolbar and choosing "date and time." 

2. Select "Mailings" from the main tool bar and select the button "start mail merge." Choose "letters" from that menu. 

3. Select "Select Recipients" from the mailings menu and choose "use an existing list." Find the Excel document you just prepared and choose it for the mail merge. 

4. Choose "insert merge field" from the mailings list and create an address block for the donor. 

5. *Note: all the images and instructions are for Microsoft Office 365-- the placement of certain features may vary depending on the version of Microsoft that you are using

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