🚀 Default Organization Email Addresses launches with 1.3.0, August 2017

An organization email address is an email address that is not attached to a user account. You can use these email addresses as the sending address for any email you send in Funraise. For example, you may use a stand alone email address like donations@example.org.

Add an organization email address

From any page: Click Settings from the top bar gear icon dropdown menu.

Scroll down to the Organization Email Address card  >  Click Add New > Enter the email address and press save. 

  • This will send a verification email to the new email address. The email address owner must click to verify this action before the email address is activated.
  • To resend the verification email: Click Click to resend email to ...
  • To remove an organization email address: Click Actions > Click Remove Organization Email Address.

Default "From" Organization Email Address

You can also set a default organization address that will be used for the sending address for platform email, things like your team's donation notifications. Good to know: The default organization email address does not apply to supporter facing emails like the donation receipt or automated emails, these are set per email.

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