1. Select Campaign
Jump to the settings page for anyone of your Campaign Sites using this topbar selector.

2. Create
Click “Create” to create a new Campaign Site.

3. Campaign Name and Status
This is the name of your campaign. Published means this Campaign Site is live. Note: A campaign site can take 15-30 minutes to build once it is created, so this card may say Published during the time the site is building.

4. Amount Raised
The total amount that has been raised on this Campaign Site. Donations towards this amount can be made online and offline.

5. Donor Count
The total count of donors who have made a contribution to this campaign.

6. Goal Progress
The progress of this campaign based on your campaign goal set in settings and total amount raised.

7. Go to Campaign Site
This will open your live Campaign Site in a new window in your browser.

8. Go to Campaign Site
This will take you to your Campaign Site settings page. From this page you can access every part of your site settings and design.

9. Archive Campaign
This will archive and delete your campaign. Once you archive a campaign site, it can not be revived.  When you archive a Campaign Site, that site and the URL will no longer be active.

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