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2023.11 - November Release Notes
2023.11 - November Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month, we're celebrating our biggest Giving Tuesday ever (we hope you are too!), and we're announcing a few recently released enhancements that we hope will bring a little sparkle to your workflows this holiday season. ✨

πŸ’™ Quick Giving Tuesday 2023 Recap

We hope Giving Tuesday was an excellent start to your end-of-year giving season. Funraise customers did exceptionally well this year. When compared with Giving Tuesday 2022:

  • Organizations increased online revenue 75% on average

  • Organizations increased donation count 58% on average

  • The number of organizations raising online with Funraise grew 17% (Welcome to the party!)

Available for all organizations

Reduced indexing πŸŽ‰

While indexing made filtering and viewing records very speedy, it also slowed down the process of creating records, as each record required indexing. We've removed indexing from many sections of the platform to speed up your workflows. We're working to remove indexing from the areas where it remains.

Giving Form visual and performance enhancements

After releasing our newest version of the Giving Form this year, we've gone back to enhance a few aspects of the form to increase consistency, legibility, performance, and, ultimately, conversion.

  • Loading placeholder for placed forms (coming soon)

  • Faster loading for placed forms (coming soon)

  • Rounded corners on placed forms (coming soon)

  • Streamlined allocations selector

  • Improved custom question hierarchy and sizing

  • Improved ticket labeling and selection

  • Improved text alignment

Created Date on Supporters export

Created Date has been added to the Supporter export CSV. Simple and sweet.

SMS Opt-in

The communications opt-in checkbox on Giving Forms and Peer-to-Peer signup forms has been updated to include SMS communication. The opt-in language now says: Keep me informed with email and SMS updates.

Coming soon

Subscription data in Fundraising Intelligence

Recurring subscription data will be added to Fundraising Intelligence, enabling you to build custom reports and data dashboards with subscription data, including reporting on changes to subscriptions over time.

Exports in platform

We'll be adding an export table to make it possible to download your recently exported data without having to leave Funraise. You'll continue to receive a notification and file via email. The new export table will be an additional place to download your exports.

Improved Apple Pay verification process

Apple Pay verification requirements have made enabling Apple Pay on various websites a bit clunky. We'll be improving the Apple Pay verification process so that it's easier to have Apple Pay activated for Campaign Sites and to submit new domains in platform.

More fee data included with Transactions export

We'll be adding more fee data to the standard Transactions export to improve workflows for organizations that do not use Fundraising Intelligence.


Run fundraising auctions with Funraise. You'll be able to manage auction items, collect payment methods, take bids, and charge winning bids.

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