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Personalized Ask String with Machine Learning
Personalized Ask String with Machine Learning

A personalized approach to increasing donation conversion rates with Machine Learning

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Funraise's Machine Learning model can provide a personalized ask string (donation button amounts) based on environmental and personal attributes about the donor. The goal of this feature is to increase donation conversion rates by providing donors with a relevant ask string based on how they've interacted with your organization in the past.

Activate Personalized Ask String

You can activate a Personalized Ask String for any Giving Form.

  1. From Giving Forms > Open a Giving Form Editor

  2. Click Settings > Click Power Ups

  3. Toggle on Machine Learning Generated Ask Amounts

How it works

In a nutshell

The goal of this tool is to increase donation conversion rates by providing an ask string that is most relevant to a particular donor. We use signals about the donor to predict an expected donation amount and then provide an ask string based on this predicted amount.

This tool will update the ask string on a Giving Form based on signals we know to impact conversion, like time of day, device type, and attributes based on the donor’s relationship with your organization.

It's good to know that when the personalized ask string is activated for a particular donor, the ask string amounts you've configured for the form in platform will be overridden based on the output from the machine learning model.


Machine learning models require signals about events to help make predictions. Funraise's machine learning model is powered by both environmental and personal signals that we know to be impactful for donation conversion. This method leads to a more personalized approach to donation conversion powered by machine learning.

A few signals our model is powered by:

  • Device type: is this a mobile device?

  • Time: what time of day is it?

  • Recurring: is this a recurring donor?

  • Fundraiser: is this a fundraiser?

  • Previous donations: the amount of prior donations?

When is a personalized ask string provided?

A personalized ask string backed by machine learning is activated when the Giving Form is aware of the donor. There are several ways a Giving Form can be aware of the donor.

Returning session

When a donor makes a donation on any Giving Form, all your Giving Forms will remember the donor the next time they return on that device. The next time the donor returns a personalized ask string can be activated.

Email address

If an existing donor's email address is passed to the form with a Url Parameter, the form can provide a personalized ask string for the donor.

☝️ Tip! — When sending a direct donation ask email or text message to an existing donor, we recommend adding the donor's email address to the donation Url by using a merge tag for the Url parameter. This will activate the personalized ask string.

For example,

Good to know

  • A personalized ask string will override all other ask string configurations, including configurations made in the editor, HTML, JS, or URL parameters.

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