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Access a short Url for Giving Pages and Campaign Sites

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Funraise Giving Pages and Campaign Sites have a short URL powered by Bitly. This short URL provides a short link for social or mobile donation links.

  • The short URL redirects to your full URL

  • The short URL never expires

  • The short URL is automatically generated and can not be customized

☝️ Important — Short URLs can not accept URL parameters

At this time, Funraise's short URLs cannot pass URL parameters. If you plan to use URL parameters with your links, like UTM codes or Giving Form configurations, you should not use the short URL.

Access a Giving Page short URL

  1. Open a Giving Form editor

  2. Click to the Publish Tab > Find Short URL

  3. Click Get Short URL. You'll only need to generate the link once per form.

  4. After the short URL is created > Click Copy to copy the link.

Access a Campaign Site short URL

  1. In the platform sidemenu > Click Sites > Sites

  2. Click a Site's action menu (3 dots) > Click Short URL

  3. The Short URL will be copied to your clipboard.

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