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Add Multiple Giving Forms to a Campaign Site
Add Multiple Giving Forms to a Campaign Site

How to sell tickets and collect donations on a Campaign Site

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You can connect multiple Giving Forms with your Campaign Site to accommodate sites with both ticketing and donation forms.

Campaign Sites come with a default Giving Form that can be accessed from the top navigation of the site editor. Some campaigns require multiple Giving Forms to be added to a Campaign Site, for example, you may use one form to sell tickets and another to collect donations.

By default, a Campaign Site donation button will launch your Campaign Site form. You can edit the Giving Form connection for any donation button on your Campaign Site and select a specific Giving Form to launch when this button is clicked.

Edit the Giving Form for a Campaign Site button

1. From a Campaign Site editor > click to edit a button

2. Ensure the button is set to type: Giving Form

3. You'll see your default site Giving Form selected. To change the Giving Form for this button > click the minus button to remove the form > search and select another form.

This video shows how to manage your Campaign Site Giving Form and how to connect buttons with additional Giving Forms:

This article shows how to create additional Giving Forms.

Good to know

Page Goals are assigned to Transactions through any Giving Form

Any Giving Forms on your Campaign Site will assign the appropriate Page Goal to Transactions. This means if you connect a Giving Form with tickets to a button, any ticket purchases will count towards your Campaign Site goal progress bar. These transactions will also appear in recent donation feeds.

And more specifically, if a ticket purchase is made on a fundraiser's page, that amount will be added to their fundraising page progress bar and the amount will roll up to the Campaign Site goal like normal.

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