Giving Form Accessibility

The accessibility of Funraise's tools are a priority for our team, this article details the state of accessibility for Giving From V2

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Funraise's team uses the ARC Toolkit to run accessibility tests against our Giving Form and to validate for WCAG Guidelines. Each screen of the Giving Form is tested to ensure the entire donation flow is accessible. We also rely on the recommendations from the A11Y Project.

The Funraise Giving Form addresses the majority of recommendations, although in its current state, the Giving Form is not fully compliant with WCAG 2.0 guidelines. Our team has documented our next steps for addressing the remaining recommendations.

Giving Forms are tested to ensure accessibility for the visually impaired and screen readers. Some examples of standards we test for include:

  • Color and contrast

  • Headings and hierarchy

  • Anchor tag titling and descriptions

  • Aria-labels

  • Input field labels and placeholder text

  • Tab ordering

  • and more

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