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2020.12 - December Release Notes
2020.12 - December Release Notes

New features and product updates

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What's New

Resend Dedication Emails

You can now resend a dedication email to a dedicatee. To resend a dedication email from the Transaction action menu, click Resend Dedication Email.

Salesforce Integration Updates

We've added new data to Funraise's Salesforce integration.

  • Transaction Id can now be mapped to Opportunities

  • Questions and Answers are now synced with new custom objects

What's Changing

Text Engagement (SMS) Daily Limits

​A limit of 200 SMS messages per day will now be enforced. Previously, we only provided a written warning about this limit; now the platform will only send 200 messages per day and will drop any messages over this threshold.

Why 200 per day? Funraise's SMS feature is built for highly targeted or one-off communications. Sending more than 200 messages per day increases the risk that your messages will be treated as spam.

Beta APIs endpoints will be deprecated on June 1, 2021

Due to our continuous efforts to improve stability, performance, and developer experience, Funraise will be ending support for our private Beta APIs effective June 1st, 2021. The impacted API endpoints include:




The Donor and Donation API endpoints have replacements in Funraise's stable public API. The Form API endpoint does not have a direct replacement at this time.

If your organization is utilizing these endpoints, we recommend migrating to Funraise's public APIs as soon as possible. After June 1st, 2021, these legacy APIs may experience errors.

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