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2020.7 - July Release Notes
2020.7 - July Release Notes

New features and product updates

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What's new

Facebook Integration Improvements

Previously, the Facebook integration synced a Funraise fundraising page with a Facebook fundraising page. The purpose of the integration was to boost revenue for peer-to-peer campaigns.

Today, we are excited to announce a mega-addition to the integration! Funraise's Facebook integration can now do a few more things:

  1. ANY DONATION made on your organization's Facebook page or a Facebook Fundraiser page benefiting your organization can now be synced with Funraise.

  2. Donation data and donor data is now synced automatically—no more uploading donor data from Facebook. (Donor data syncs after 48 hours.)

  3. Donations synced from Facebook now include the URL of the Facebook page where they occurred.

  4. You can now report on donations that occurred on Facebook with External Source Id = Facebook.

  5. You can now report on fundraisers that have synced their Funraise page with a Facebook page and those that have not with Facebook Fundraiser Id - exists.

Funraise API

Developers can use the Funraise API to build custom apps and unique solutions. To start, we've opened a few resources and endpoints for some common use cases. Contact your Success Manager for pricing.

Fundraising Intelligence - added Household data

Household data has been added as a new data source in Fundraising Intelligence. Give this data a test drive with two new dashboard templates: Households | LYBUNTY and Households | SYBUNTY.

Salesforce Integration - Pledges

A pledge is a new custom object in the Salesforce integration that tracks expected revenue from a contact (Supporter). There are a few ways you can use this new feature; learn more about pledges in Salesforce.

Giving Form V2 - Min/Max Amount

Developers can now configure the minimum and maximum allowed donation amounts with HTML button attributes or JS configurations.

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