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Gateway currency routing (Advanced)
Gateway currency routing (Advanced)

Route transactions to specific gateway instances based on the currency of the transaction

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This feature may not be included in every Funraise plan.

Gateway Currency Routing is an advanced feature that may only apply to some international organizations. For example, some regulations may require that transactions from a particular country or region must be deposited into a particular bank account. You can accomplish this by sending transactions through the appropriate gateway (and then into the correct bank account) based on the currency.

How it works

  • When you add a currency restriction to a gateway, only transactions in that currency will be able to process through the gateway

  • Add one or many currency restrictions to a gateway

Gateway priority

A transaction will attempt to be processed by gateways in order. If a gateway can process a transaction, it will. If a gateway is unable to process a transaction, either because of the payment method or a currency restriction, the transaction will attempt to process through the next gateway on the list (based on priority), and so on.

Add currency restriction

1. From Settings > Gateways, open a gateway profile

2. Click Add Currency > search and select desired currency

3. Click Save

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