Funraise can activate machine learning technology to automatically fail transactions that appear to be fraudulent. We call this, Enhanced Fraud Mitigation. This tool is a part of a larger toolkit to reduce transaction fraud. Learn more about transaction fraud mitigation tools. Because this is a machine learning tool, it's good to know what to expect.


This tool does not guarantee that all fraud is prevented, although that is the goal. Rather, this tool works to mitigate fraudulent transactions.


If you do see fraudulent transactions, you can notify our team so we can provide feedback to the model.

Potential risk of failing non-fraud donations

There is slight possibility that legitimate donations will be failed. If this happens, you will not see them in your Funraise platform. Although our team monitors Enhanced Fraud Mitigation failed donations, we can not recharge a failed payment.

In the event that a donor reports an incorrectly failed donation, you can contact us and we can provide manual feedback to the model.

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