This article describes the Supporter and Donation migration template. To access this template and begin a data migration, contact your technical engineer through the Funraise Service Desk.

Migration template in a nutshell...

  • We'll provide a Google Sheet template you can use to input Supporter and Donation data for our team to import
  • You'll input Supporter data and Donation data into separate sheets
  • Additional sheets in the template are used to verify your inputs

Step-by-Step instructions

  1. Input Supporter data into sheet 2a
  2. Input Donation data into sheet 2b
  3. Review errors in sheet 2c and make corrections
  4. Notify Funraise when sheet 2c has no error occurrences
  5. Funraise will conduct final review and import data

Tips for importing data to Google Sheets

Importing external files into Google Sheet
To import a file of data into Sheets 2a and 2b use File > Import from the Google Sheet menu > select the import options below:

  • Import location: Append to current Sheet
  • Separator type: Detect automatically
  • Convert text to numbers, datas, and formulas: No

Remove redundant column headers
Once the data is imported into the sheets and order of columns is verified, rows with redundant column headers can be deleted.

File size limits
Google Sheets has limits to the size of file that can be imported.  It may be necessary to split a large file into smaller files prior to importing.

Description of sheets included the template

In the Google Sheets template, we've included several sheets for instructions, input and review.

1. Instructions for Org

1a. Field Descriptions - Supporters
Field descriptions and instructions to follow when inputing Supporter data

1b. Field Descriptions - Donations
Field descriptions and instructions to follow when inputing Donation data

2a. Org Input - Supporters
This is where you will input your Supporter data

2b. Org - Input - Donations
This is where you will input your Donation data

2c. Automatic Validation
This sheet provides an overall report of the errors with your data. You'll see the number of occurrences for any issue and options to resolve.

3. Review Output
This sheet combines your Supporter and Donation data and validates your inputs. If a cell is highlighted, the entry is invalid. You'll want to fix invalid entries by editing the Supporter or Donation inputs (2a or 2b).

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