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2020.3 - March Release Notes
2020.3 - March Release Notes

New features and product updates

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The March release is here! This month we're rolling out several highly-requested enhancements to peer-to-peer fundraising features as well as a few helpful improvements to the Salesforce integration.

What's new

Fundraiser donation lists

Fundraisers can now view and take action on every donation to their page with a scrollable list. From a new page in the fundraiser's setting, fundraisers will be able to see more and do more with the donations made to their page.

Fundraisers can now view:

  • All donations to their page in a scrollable list

  • More donation details: Allocation, Frequency, Dedication Message, Comments

Fundraisers can take actions on donations to their page:

  • Comment

  • Resend donation receipt email

  • Resend dedication email

Fundraiser comments

Fundraisers can now leave a comment on a donation to their page, whether or not the donor has left a comment. Previous to this improvement, a fundraiser could only reply to a comment left by the donor.

Fundraiser profile image and progress bar on Form V2

When donating to a fundraiser's page, Form V2 will now display the fundraiser's profile image and a dynamic progress bar. The progress bar moves based on the donation amount to show the donor how much their donation will help the fundraiser towards their goal.

Limit Ticket quantity per order

With a configuration to the Form V2 script, you can now limit the number tickets that can be purchased in a single transaction.

Salesforce improvements

Soft Credits
Soft Credit is now an Opportunity Contact Role. This means a few things:

  • Soft Credit Contact can now appear on the Opportunity Contact Role list

  • On the Contact's Related Opportunity list, Opportunities for which the Contact is assigned as Soft Credit will appear

Registrations records now have an Opportunity lookup field. This allows you to access the Transaction connected to the the Registration.

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