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Connect Twitch Progress Widget with a P2P Fundraising page
Connect Twitch Progress Widget with a P2P Fundraising page

How your fundraisers can show the progress of their fundraising page on their Twitch panel

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Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

This article describes the steps your fundraisers will take to activate a Funraise progress widget on their Twitch panel. This is a premium integration that must be added to your plan before your fundraisers can access this feature. Talk with your Customer Success Manager to add the Twitch integration to your plan.

What does the Twitch integration do?

A fundraiser can add a Funraise progress widget as an Extension Panel to their Twitch streaming page panel. This widget is connected to their personal fundraising page. This progress widget displays:

  • Goal progress bar

  • Page total

  • Top donations (5)

How to add a Fundraising page progress extension to Twitch

These instructions are steps your fundraisers will follow. Each fundraiser can configure this integration independently.

  1. Log into Twitch

  2. Add a new Extension Panel to your channel page

  3. From your Extension Manager, search and install: Funraise

  4. Configure the extension by entering your fundraising page URL

Good to know! You can enter the URL of any Campaign Site page that contains a goal. For example, you can connect an individual fundraiser page, team fundraiser page, or the Campaign Site homepage.

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