Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

This page details the fields and related entities that can be configured for a particular Household.

Household Name
This is an name for the Household, used as an internal label.

Household Salutation
Household Salutation is the public label for the Household. Often used as the first line of the address in mailings, for example “Smith Family” or “Jack & Jill Smith”

Primary Contact Information
Each Household has a Primary Supporter and a Preferred Address. The Preferred Address can be selected from the addresses of any member of the Household.

Household Members
These are Supporters associated with the Household. Add or Remove members

Transactions attributed to the Household are shown on the Household profile in a Transactions list. Add or Remove Transaction Attribution

The addresses table shows addresses for each member of the Household. You can also mark an address on this list as the Household Preferred Address.

Add multiple internal notes to a Household.

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