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2020.1 - January Release Notes
2020.1 - January Release Notes

New features and product updates

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What's New

Fundraising Intelligence
The most powerful analytics and custom reporting tool for nonprofit reporting, period. You’ll be able to build custom reports and data visualizations to monitor your fundraising performance like never before.

Live Streaming integrations

Twitch Integration
With our Twitch integration, streamers can connect a peer-to-peer campaign page with a live progress bar and recent donations feed on their Twitch panel. 

Streamlabs Integration
The Streamlabs integration enables streamers to add overlays with live donation notifications, thanking donors in real time—this is the ultimate livestream fundraising toolkit.

Platform Performance

Enhanced DDoS protection
DDoS attacks are an unavoidable reality of the internet - these attacks have wreaked havoc on large software providers like Netflix and Twitter. To continue our track record of being the most secure and stable nonprofit technology, we’ve introduced new systems enabling detection and mitigation against large and sophisticated DDoS attacks.

Practically, this will help ensure platform uptime. This means your revenue generating assets, like donation forms and campaign sites, are more protected and stable.

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