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Add an image to an email body with a Url — hosting images outside of Funraise
Add an image to an email body with a Url — hosting images outside of Funraise

How to provide a Url link for an image in an email body

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You can upload images in Funraise for our standard image placements in emails, but to add an image to the body of an email, you'll need to host the image externally and provide a Url link for that image.

In most cases, your web developer can provide an image Url for you. This article covers a few basic options for hosting images externally.


If you're using WordPress, you can upload your image into the WordPress Media section and grab a link to the image.


There are a few image hosting services you can use. Imgur is a free site you can use to host an image. 

Upload your image to Imgur

  1. Click New Post (at top)

  2. Upload your image

  3. Once uploaded, Right-click on the image and select "Copy Image Address" from the selection menu.

  4. Now, jump into Funraise and paste this Url address.

Please note: These suggestions rely on external services. We can not guarantee these methods will continue to work as described.

Add an image to an email body in Funraise

  1. In the email body text editor > Click on the image icon

  2. Paste the image Url and click Add

  3. You can also position the image to the Left, Right, or Center  (L,R,C)

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