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To insert an image in some places, like the body of an email, you will need an image URL. This means, you'll need to upload the image somewhere on the internet and access the image through a URL. In most cases, your web developer can easily provide an image URL for you.

If you're new to image hosting, there are a few image hosting services you can use. Imgur is a free site you can use to host an image. 

Upload your image to Imgur

  1. Go to https://imgur.com

  2. Click New Post at top

  3. Drag and Drop, or click to upload your image

  4. Once uploaded, Right click on the image and click "Copy Image Address" from the selection menu.

  5. Now, you can jump into Funraise to paste this URL.

For example, insert the image URL into an email body

  1. Click on the Image Icon in the Body Text editor of your email.

  2. Paste the image URL and click Add

  3. You can position the image to the Left, Right or Center  (L,R,C)

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