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2019.08 - August Release Notes
2019.08 - August Release Notes

New features and product updates

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What's New

Free Tickets
Allow event guests to register for free with a free ticket option. When configuring a Ticket, select Free in the Ticket Payment details.

Institution Name on the Giving Form
Collect an institution name with a donation to ease online company gifts. This can be enabled from a Giving Form’s Contact Information details.

Event Handlers added to Giving Form v2
We’ve added event handlers to the Giving Form v2. Web developers and marketing teams can make use of these. Read documentation.

Opportunity Role Mapping for Salesforce
When using the Salesforce integration, Opportunity Contact Roles enable you to see the relationship or influence a Contact has with an Opportunity. There are several Contact Roles that can apply: Donor, Fundraiser, and Team Captain.

Bugs Fixes

  • 10+ Bug fixes included in this release

  • You may have noticed, but we’ve been releasing bug fixes and small improvements faster than ever. We’re deploying some types of fixes on a daily schedule, outside a monthly release, to ensure your experience remains exceptional while we continue working on the big things 😎

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