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2019.07 - July Release Notes
2019.07 - July Release Notes

New features and product updates

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The July release includes some noteworthy improvements requested by the Funraise community. We're happy to deliver some smaller wins while continuing to work toward several exciting new modules, stay tuned πŸ˜‰


What's New

  • Allow Donor comments on any Giving Form

  • Added Double the Donation company lookup field to Giving Form

  • Added ability to require Two-Step Authentication for your platform users

  • Improved BitPay (bitcoin) donation process

  • Recurring Subscriptions now sync with Salesforce

  • Supporter Tags now sync with Salesforce

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Fixed issue with Order creation

  • Fixed issue with editing organization info in Settings

  • Fixed issue with Fundraiser's being able to null name fields

  • Fixed issue with table pagination

  • Fixed issue with the Email Designer in Safari

  • Fixed issue with inconsistent display of decimals in amounts

  • Fixed issue with Select Question Flyout and table pagination

  • Fixed issue with Question description text overflows

  • 50+ bugs fixed in this release


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