⚠️ The PayPal Here integration and card reader functionality will be sunset in favor of Stripe's M2 card reader on September 30, 2022. We highly recommend getting started with Funraise's Stripe Terminal integration.

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Collect in-person, card-present payments with the Funraise App. Through a partnership with PayPal, the Funraise app can function as a POS (point of sale) device, enabling card-present payments.

To get set up, follow these steps...

1. Apply for PayPal Here account

  1. Apply for a PayPal Here account. You will be asked to log into your PayPal Business account in order to apply for PayPal Here (If you do not have a PayPal business account, you will be prompted to create one first).

2. Connect PayPal Here to Funraise

  1. Navigate to Settings by clicking your profile icon

  2. Navigate to the Integrations section

  3. Find and click PayPal Here for Funraise App

  4. Toggle ON the PayPal Here for Funraise App integration

  5. A new popup will appear asking you to request a PayPal Here account. Since you've already applied for a PayPal Here account, bypass this step by clicking on the "Already have PayPal Here?" link.

  6. Log into your business PayPal Account to complete PayPal Here Authentication.

3. Purchase a PayPal Card Reader device

You’ll use PayPal's card reader to conduct in-person payments. PayPal offers several Reader device options. We highly recommend PayPal’s Chip and Tap Reader or Chip Card Reader because of the superior battery life and Bluetooth connectivity.

Learn more: Connecting your PayPal Bluetooth reader device to the app

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