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Mobile App Volunteer Mode
Mobile App Volunteer Mode

Enable volunteer mobile app users to collect in-person payments and restrict their access to platform data

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You can enable volunteers without a Funraise user account to collect in-person payments and scan check-in QR codes on their mobile devices with the Funraise app. A volunteer user is restricted to collecting payments and scanning QR codes and can not access existing supporter or transaction data.

To register a volunteer app user

This process is intuitive when you actually have the two devices in your hands with easy-to-follow on-screen guides. In a nutshell, both the Funraise user and the volunteer user will need their mobile devices open to follow the steps below.

  1. Funraise user: Open the Side Menu

  2. Funraise user: Tap your user name to access the account menu

  3. Funraise user: Tap Register a Volunteer

  4. Volunteer user: Open the Funraise app and click I AM A VOLUNTEER

  5. Funraise user: Scan the QR code on the volunteer user’s screen

  6. Funraise user: Select the Giving Form and Campaign Site (optional) for the volunteer app user

  7. Volunteer user: Scan the QR code on the Funraise user’s screen

  8. Volunteer user: Connect a Bluetooth card reader

Good to know

  • Only a user with a Funraise user account can register a volunteer app user

  • Both the Funraise user and volunteer user must have Funraise's app on their mobile device

  • An iOS device can register an Android device, and vice versa

  • Volunteer users retain access for 8 hours

  • Don’t forget, each volunteer app user will need their own card reader

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