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You can enable volunteers without a Funraise user account to collect donations on their mobile device with the Funraise app. A volunteer user is restricted to collecting donations and can not access existing supporter or transaction data.

You’ll need to set up your PayPal Here integration to collect donations with the app.

To register a volunteer app user

This process is more intuitive when you are actually have the two devices in your hands with easy-to-follow on-screen guides. In a nutshell, you’ll follow the steps below.

  1. Authenticated user: Open the Side Menu.
  2. Authenticated user: Tap your user name to access account menu.
  3. Authenticated user: Tap Register a Volunteer.
  4. Volunteer user: Open the Funraise app and click I AM A VOLUNTEER.
  5. Authenticated user: Scan the QR code on the volunteer user’s screen.
  6. Authenticated user: Select the Giving Form and Campaign Site (optional) for the volunteer app user.
  7. Volunteer user: Scan the QR code on the authenticated user’s screen.
  8. Volunteer user: Connect a PayPal card reader and start collecting donations!

Good to know

  • Only a user with a Funraise user account can register a volunteer app user.
  • Both the Funraise user and volunteer must have downloaded the Fundraise app. Yes, an iOS device can register an Android device, and vice versa.
  • Volunteer app users retain access for 8 hours.
  • Don’t forget, each volunteer app user will need their own card reader.
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