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2019.06 - June Release Notes
2019.06 - June Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month, we've got Salesforce integration improvements that'll make syncing your event registrations easy as a summer breeze, and UI improvements to save you time. Stay tuned because we've got even more exciting announcements about our mobile app coming soon!

Platform Improvements

Integration Improvements

  • Event and Registration data can now be sent to Salesforce

  • Historic Event data can be manually synced from within Funraise



Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Fixed issue with company match selection on the Giving Form

  • Fixed issue with Campaign Site HTML to Text Editor User warning

  • Fixed issue with imported fundraisers ability to create fundraising pages

  • Fixed issue with Ticket quantities on the Giving Form

  • Fixed issue with Fundraiser and Fundraising Team name consistency

  • Fixed issue with Giving Form V1 reCAPTCHA, multiple transaction attempts

  • Fixed issue with Giving Form loading on Instagram app

  • Fixed issue with Campaign Site Giving Form V2 not launching

  • Fixed issue with incorrect Allocation assignments

  • Fixed issue with Internet Explorer, opening the Giving Form V2

  • Fixed issue with toggling off donation feeds on fundraiser page

  • Fixed issue with empty Campaign Site update text blocking Campaign Site save

  • Fixed issue with Giving Form frequency field consistency as user navigates form

  • Fixed issue with Allocations with duplicate names

  • Fixed issue with sorting Tasks

  • Fixed issue with Quickbooks data not always appearing on Transaction profile

  • Fixed issue with legibility of light text color across platform

  • Fixed issue with Ticket amounts and commas on the Giving Form

  • Fixed issue with updating a Mailchimp contact email from Funraise

  • Fixed issue with sorting order on Question saved lists

  • Fixed issue with Giving Form V2, incorrect order of expiration date options

  • Fixed issue with Campaign Site layout, extra space at right of layout

  • 50+ Bugs fixed in this release

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