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How to connect Funraise with Constant Contact?

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This integration may not be included in every Funraise plan.

Constant Contact can be integrated with the Funraise platform directly from the Integrations page under settings (You will first need to contact your Customer Success Manager to activate this feature).

How it works

  • The integration will sync your supporters to Contacts you identify in your Constant Contact account.

  • The integration adds new custom fields to your Constant Contact records, these are detailed below ⬇️.

  • When a donation is made, when a supporter is added or edited, or when a fundraiser signs up, a contact will be added (or a contact will be updated) in the email list you identify when configuring the integration.

Data syncing

Standard Constant Contact Fields:

  • Home Phone

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Notes

  • Address Line1

  • City

  • State Code

  • Postal Code

  • Country Code

Custom Fields:

  • CustomField1: Donor Birthdate

  • CustomField2: Donor Type

  • CustomField3: Donor Institution (institution category)

  • CustomField4: Donor Hashtags (donor tags)

  • CustomField5: Donor Gender

  • CustomField6: Donor Net Worth

  • CustomField7: Donor Income

  • CustomField8: Donor Gift Capacity

  • CustomField9: Donor Total Donation Amount

  • CustomField10: Donor Total Donation Count

  • CustomField11: Donor First Donation Date

  • CustomField12: Donor Last Donation Date

  • CustomField13: Donor is a Fundraiser

  • CustomField14: Donor Fundraiser Page Donation Amount

  • CustomField15: Donor Fundraiser Page Donation Count

When is a record updated?

  • When a donation occurs

  • A supporter is added or edited

  • When a fundraiser signs up

  • When a fundraiser receives a donation

👉 Email opt-out: Supporters will not be synced with Constant Contact when they are marked as opted-out of email communications in Funraise.


Connect Constant Contact

In Constant Contact

Before You Get Started💡
So that you can easily use your API Key and Access Token when you need them, we recommend you save this information somewhere, such as a Word or text document, then follow the steps below. 

Step 1 - You will first need to generate your API Key.

To generate an API Key, you will need to create a developer account login at (This will be separate from your normal Constant Contact account.)

Click Create > Fill in required information > Register 

Once you have created an account and verified the email address you are ready to register a new app and get an API Key here:

  1. Fill out the Application Name field. This should be the name of the application or integration you are connecting your Constant Contact account to. 

2. Ignore all of the other fields and scroll to the bottom of the page.

3. Check the box indicating you agree to the terms of service (we’re sure you read it all) and click Register Application.

You will then be presented with your API Key information.


Now lets grab your Access Token

Now that you have your API Key, you are ready to generate an Access Token. The easiest way to do so is to use Constant Contacts API Tester located here:

You should see your API Key pre-filled in the App/Key field.
(If you don't, click the Sign In link at the top right of the page and log in to the Mashery developer account you created earlier. Once you are logged in, the page will refresh and you will see your app and API Key listed there.)

Now Click the gray Get Access Token button

  On the window that appears, click the blue I already have an account link

Next, log in to your Constant Contact account (not your developer account) and click Allow

You will then be provided with your Access Token, which you can now use along with your API Key in your Funraise platform!

In Funraise

From the Profile Icon, click "Settings" and then click on the Integrations Page.

On the Constant Contact Integration card, click on the Actions menu > "Edit". 

Paste the API Key and Access Token. Press "Save".

The Contact List dropdown will pre-fill your list from Constant Contact. Select a list you would like Funraise Contacts to be added to. 

To see what Data is sent to Constant Contact click HERE

That's it! Once the settings are in place and the integration is turned on, Funraise communicates with Constant Contact and adds custom fields to your contact records. 

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