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Connect Constant Contact

Connect Constant Contact with Funraise and sync Supporter data.

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Constant Contact can be connected from Funraise Settings > Integrations.

How it works

  • The integration will sync Funraise Supporters with Constant Contact Contacts.

  • The integration adds new custom fields to your Constant Contact records, these new fields are detailed below.

Data syncing

Data is synced from Funraise to Constant Contact when:

  • A Transaction is created or edited

  • A Supporter is created or edited

  • A Fundraiser is created

  • A Fundraiser receives a donation

Standard Constant Contact Fields

Funraise Supporter data is synced with these standard Constant Contact fields:

  • Home Phone

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Notes

  • Address Line1

  • City

  • State Code

  • Postal Code

  • Country Code

Constant Contact Custom Fields

These custom fields are added to your Constant Contact Contact profiles when the integration is connected. Data from Funraise is synced with these fields:

  • CustomField1: Donor Birthdate

  • CustomField2: Donor Type

  • CustomField3: Donor Institution (institution category)

  • CustomField4: Donor Hashtags (donor tags)

  • CustomField5: Donor Gender

  • CustomField6: Donor Net Worth

  • CustomField7: Donor Income

  • CustomField8: Donor Gift Capacity

  • CustomField9: Donor Total Donation Amount

  • CustomField10: Donor Total Donation Count

  • CustomField11: Donor First Donation Date

  • CustomField12: Donor Last Donation Date

  • CustomField13: Donor is a Fundraiser

  • CustomField14: Donor Fundraiser Page Donation Amount

  • CustomField15: Donor Fundraiser Page Donation Count

☝️ Email opt-out

Supporters will not be synced with Constant Contact when they are marked as opted-out of email communications in Funraise.

Connect Funraise with Constant Contact

☝️ Constant Contact is different than other integrations. You'll be creating a new App through the Constant Contact developer portal and generating an API key and Access token that will later be entered into Funraise.

In Constant Contact Developer Portal

1. Create an account at the Constant Contact Developer Portal.

2. Generate an API Key. Once you have created an account and verified the email address you are ready to register a new app and get an API Key.

Tips for registering your app:

  • For Application Name we recommend entering Funraise.

  • Ignore all the other fields and scroll to the bottom of the page

  • Agree to terms of service and click Register Application

You will then be presented with your API Key information. ☝️ Copy and paste your API Key (you'll need it later).

3. Next, let's grab your Access Token. The easiest way to do so is to use Constant Contacts API Tester. If you're logged in, you will see your API Key pre-filled in the App/Key field. If not, Sign In and see that the App/Key field is filled.

Click Get Access Token


A new window will open. On the new window, click I already have an account

Next, log in to your Constant Contact account credentials (not your developer account) and click Allow

You will then be provided with your Access Token. ☝️ Copy and paste your Access Token (we'll need it later).

In Funraise

1. Access Settings > Integrations > Constant Contact

2. Click Create or update account connection

3. Enter you API Key and Access Token > Click Connect Account

4. Select a Contact List > Click Save

The Contact List dropdown will display your available Contact Lists from your Constant Contact account. Select the list you would like Funraise Contacts to be added to. This is where Funraise will sync data (create/update contact records).

👍 That's it! After clicking Save, Funraise will add custom fields to your Contact profiles in Constant Contact and will sync data based on new activity.

☝️ Existing data in your Funraise account is not synced in bulk. Data is only synced when new activity happens. Specifically, when any of the following events occur:

  • A Transaction is created or edited

  • A Supporter is created or edited

  • A Fundraiser is created

  • A Fundraiser receives a donation

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