This integration may not be included in every Funraise plan.

Constant Contact can be integrated with the Funraise platform directly from the Integrations page under settings (You will first need to contact your Customer Success Manager to activate this feature).

What the integration does:

  • The integration will sync your supporters to Contacts you identify in your Constant Contact account. 

  • The integration adds new custom fields to your Constant Contact records, these are detailed below ⬇️.

  • When a donation is made, when a supporter is added or edited, or when a fundraiser signs up, a contact will be added (or a contact will be updated) in the email list you identify when configuring the integration.

What data is sent to Constant Contact from Funraise?

Standard Constant Contact Fields:

  • Home Phone

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Notes

  • Address Line1

  • City

  • State Code

  • Postal Code

  • Country Code

Custom Fields:

  • CustomField1: Donor Birthdate

  • CustomField2: Donor Type

  • CustomField3: Donor Institution (institution category)

  • CustomField4: Donor Hashtags (donor tags)

  • CustomField5: Donor Gender

  • CustomField6: Donor Net Worth

  • CustomField7: Donor Income

  • CustomField8: Donor Gift Capacity

  • CustomField9: Donor Total Donation Amount

  • CustomField10: Donor Total Donation Count

  • CustomField11: Donor First Donation Date 

  • CustomField12: Donor Last Donation Date

  • CustomField13: Donor is a Fundraiser

  • CustomField14: Donor Fundraiser Page Donation Amount

  • CustomField15: Donor Fundraiser Page Donation Count

When is a record updated?

  • When a donation occurs

  • A supporter is added or edited 

  • When a fundraiser signs up 

  • When a fundraiser receives a donation

👉 Email opt-out: Supporters will not be synced with Constant Contact when they are marked as opted-out of email communications in Funraise.

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