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Create or Edit a Subscription
Create or Edit a Subscription

Create or edit recurring subscriptions and manage individual custom questions and answers

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A Subscription generates recurring donations based on the Subscription settings.

Create a Subscription

  1. From Supporters > Subscriptions, click NEW SUBSCRIPTION.

  2. Enter all the required fields and click Save.

Good to know
You can also add subscriptions to a supporter that already exists in Funraise by navigating to their supporter profile, viewing their subscriptions page, and clicking Add Subscription.

Edit an existing subscription

  1. From Supporters > Subscriptions, find the subscription you wish to edit

  2. Click the Subscription Name or the Subscription's Action Menu and select Edit Subscription

  3. Edit the Subscription and click Save.ย 

โ€‹Good to know
You can also edit subscriptions for a Supporter by navigating to their Supporter Profile and editing directly from the Supporter's Subscription table.

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