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Create or Edit a Subscription
Create or Edit a Subscription

Create or edit recurring subscriptions and manage individual custom questions and answers

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A Subscription generates recurring donations based on the Subscription settings.

Create a Subscription

  1. From Supporters > Subscriptions, click NEW SUBSCRIPTION.

  2. Enter all the required fields and click Save.

Good to know
You can also add subscriptions to a supporter that already exists in Funraise by navigating to their supporter profile, viewing their subscriptions page, and clicking Add Subscription.

Edit an existing subscription

  1. From Supporters > Subscriptions, find the subscription you wish to edit

  2. Click the Subscription Name or the Subscription's Action Menu and select Edit Subscription

  3. Edit the Subscription and click Save

Good to know
You can also edit subscriptions for a Supporter by navigating to their Supporter Profile and editing directly from the Supporter's Subscription table.

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