Supporter relationships are a way for you to link supporters by the relationships they have with other supporters. 

The following relationship connections can be added to any supporter's profile:

  • Child of 
  • Co-Worker of
  • Employee of
  • Employer of
  • Friend of
  • Mentee of
  • Mentor of
  • Parent of
  • Partner of
  • Sibling of
  • Spouse of
  • Student of
  • Teacher of

To add a Supporter Relationship

  1. Navigate to a Supporter Profile
  2. From the side menu of the Supporter Profile, click on RELATIONSHIPS.
  4. Add the Relationship and the Supporter and Click SAVE

☯ When you add a supporter relationship, the inverse relationship is also created. For example, If you add Abbott MacDuffie as Employer of Thurston Sheppard, on Thurston's profile, you'll see that he is the Employee of Abbott MacDuffie. 

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