This integration may not be included in every Funraise plan.

What does the integration do?

  • When an order is placed in Shopify, the shopper is sent to Funraise as a Supporter. 

  • On the Supporter's profile, there is a new tab on the sidemenu for Shopify details where you'll see a Supporter's Shopify User ID, Total Purchase Amount and a link to the Shopify Shopper Profile.

  • You can also filter Supporters by Shopper (t/f) and Total Purchase Amount.

  • Please note: This integration provides aggregate purchase data on the Supporter. Shopify Transactions or Orders do not appear in Funraise.

To activate the Shopify Integration:

  1. From your profile icon, click "Settings" and then click on the Integrations page

  2. Find the Shopify integration, click on the Actions menu (3 dots) > "Edit" 

  3. Toggle ON.

  4. Enter your Shop Name and click SAVE.

  5. Verify your Shopify credentials on the pop-up screen and click "Install unlisted app."

Note ☝️: If you are not seeing the pop-up in step #5, check your browser settings to ensure that you are allowing pop-up windows from Funraise.

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