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Connect Shopify

How to connect Shopify. What does the Shopify integration do?

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This integration may not be included in every Funraise plan.

How it works

  • When an order is placed in Shopify, the shopper is sent to Funraise as a Supporter. 

  • On the Supporter's profile, there is a new tab on the sidemenu for Shopify details where you'll see a Supporter's Shopify User ID, Total Purchase Amount and a link to the Shopify Shopper Profile.

  • You can also filter Supporters by Shopper (t/f) and Total Purchase Amount.

  • Please note: This integration provides aggregate purchase data on the Supporter. Shopify Transactions or Orders do not appear in Funraise.

Connect Shopify

  1. From your profile icon, click "Settings" and then click on the Integrations page

  2. Find the Shopify integration, click on the Actions menu (3 dots) > "Edit" 

  3. Toggle ON.

  4. Enter your Shop Name and click SAVE.

  5. Verify your Shopify credentials on the pop-up screen and click "Install unlisted app."

Note ☝️: If you are not seeing the pop-up in step #5, check your browser settings to ensure that you are allowing pop-up windows from Funraise.

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