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Send SMS Message to a Single Supporter
Send SMS Message to a Single Supporter

How to send a text message to an individual Supporter

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Send an SMS text message to an individual supporter. You can also send a message to a list of Supporters, Transactions, or Registrations.

Send an SMS message to a single Supporter

  1. Click the Actions menu (3 dots) in the top bar and select Send SMS Message

  2. Enter a message and click Send

☝️ Do not split messages. Only send a single message at a time. Because messages are queued to send, messages may not be sent in the exact order you submit them.

☝️ Do not send more than 200 messages per day. A hard limit of 200 SMS messages per day is enforced. We will only send 200 messages per day and will drop any messages over this threshold.

Good to know

  • If the supporter replies to your message, you will be able to view the response on their supporter profile

  • For inbound SMS responses from a supporter, if a team member is assigned to the supporter, the assigned team member will also receive an email notification with the SMS message details

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