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To create a new ticket:

  1. From Events > Tickets, click NEW TICKET.

  2. Click ADD EVENT to either select an existing Event or create a new Event for this Ticket.

  3. Configure the Ticket settings. These settings are detailed below.

  4. Click REGISTRATION INFO and configure Public registration settings, platform registration settings, and Custom Questions

  5. When complete, click CREATE TICKET

Good to know
When creating multiple tickets for the same event, you can autofill from a previous ticket by selecting the Actions Menu in the ticket editor top bar.

To edit an existing ticket:

  1. From Events > Tickets, find the ticket you wish to edit

  2. Click the Ticket title or the Ticket Actions Menu and select Edit Ticket

  3. Edit the Ticket settings and click SAVE 

Ticket General Settings

Each Ticket is connected to a single Event.

Ticket name
Displayed publicly on the Giving Form and in ticket confirmation emails.

Ticket description
Displayed publicly on the Giving Form and in ticket confirmation emails.

The maximum number of this Ticket type you have available to sell.

Select whether this is a Paid or Free Ticket.

Ticket cost
The cost of each Ticket.

Tax deductible amount
The text deducible portion of the Ticket cost. For example, if a Ticket costs $50 and $25 of that goes towards the a meal, you can enter $25 as the tax deductible amount.

When the donation/transaction receipt is sent to the ticket purchaser, they will see their total transaction amount and the tax deductible amount on the receipt email.

Registration Info

This is the information that is collected with each Registration, or Ticket purchase.

The Registration info provided with each Registration is not linked with a Supporter. Registration info fields are independent from Supporter fields. Registration Info  fields allow you to collect the basic information needed for your event. We encourage you to link each Registration with a Supporter to see transactions and complete data for each guest.

Public order
When a Ticket is sold from a Giving Form online

Platform order
When a Ticket is added to an Order from within your platform

Registration name
Name of the guest for this ticket

Registration email address
Email address of the guest for this ticket

Registration phone number
Phone number of the guest for this ticket

Custom questions can be added to a Ticket. For example, if you need to know the guest's meal preference or T-shirt size.

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