New transaction tag alert! You can now add the tag #FR_NOT_TAX_DEDUCTIBLE to a transaction to hide it from the Yearly Donation Summary email.

You can add the tag to the giving form or to an individual transaction via the transaction profile. 


In the Giving Form Editor:

  1. Under Settings, scroll down to Tags.

2. Under Transaction Tags, type in #FR_NOT_TAX_DEDUCTIBLE

3. Click "Save".

Now every transaction processed through this giving form will be tagged with #FR_NOT_TAX_DEDUCTIBLE.


For an Individual Transaction:

  1. Click on the green dollar amount anywhere in platform to surface the transaction profile.

2. Navigate to the Transaction Details card, and type in #FR_NOT_TAX_DEDUCTIBLE  under the "Tags" field. 

3. Click "Save"


Please Note: This tag modifies the text of the transaction receipt email. 

Here's an example of a receipt when the tag is present:

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