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Not Tax Deductible Merge Tag

Identify Transactions that are not tax deductible and exclude transactions from Yearly Donation Summaries.

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Not all donations are tax deductible. If you would like to mark specific Transactions as "not tax deductible" you can add the tag #FR_NOT_TAX_DEDUCTIBLE to the Transaction profile.

When #FR_NOT_TAX_DEDUCTIBLE exist as a Tag on the Transaction, two things happen:

  • The Transaction will be excluded from a Yearly Donation Summary Email

  • The Transaction receipt email will show $0 in the Tax Deductible Amount field

This tag can also be added to a Giving Form, which will automatically apply the tag to any Transaction that occurs through that form.

To add the tag to a Giving Form

  1. Open a Giving Form editor

  2. Find Settings > General > Tags > Transaction Tags > enter #FR_NOT_TAX_DEDUCTIBLE

  3. Click Save

To add the tag to an individual Transaction

  1. Open the Transaction profile

  2. In General > scroll to Tags > enter #FR_NOT_TAX_DEDUCTIBLE

  3. Click Save

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