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☝️ This article is for Funraise's Legacy Site editor and only applies to Sites created before February 8, 2021. View current Site articles.

Editing a Custom Page is just like editing any other page on your site. If you understand the basic principles of the Campaign Site editor, you’ll have no trouble editing your custom page. Learn how to create a Custom Page.

To access a custom page:

From the Site Editor > click the page selector in the top navigation > select your page

Custom Pages include the following sections:

Custom Page Actions:

To access Custom Page actions > click site Actions (3 dots) > select your action

Change page name

Change the name of your custom page. Your custom page name can appear in your site navigation menu.

Restore Page to Default

Delete all the content and design styles from the page and return to a blank default.

Delete page

This will permanently delete your Custom Page.

Autofill Page with Existing Page

Insert the content and design settings from another Custom Page.

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