The editing modals for a custom page are similar to those on the your homepage. If you understand the basic principles of the Campaign Site editor, you’ll have no trouble editing your custom page.

Custom pages include a the top navigation, top banner, body area, and footer. You can access the editing toolkits of each section by rolling your mouse over each section. 

Custom Page Actions

1. To access these actions from your custom page, click “Page Actions” in the top grey navigation bar.

There are several useful actions that can be taken on custom pages. 

Return to default : This will delete all the content and design selections you’ve added to this page.

Delete page: This will delete your custom page.

Change page name : You can change the name of your custom pages. Your custom page names will appear in your top navigation menu as custom links.

Autofill From another Page: Insert the content & design setting from another custom page.

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