To Reveal the Payment Page:

1. Click on Payments from the Settings tab.


Ask Amount

You can make the Amount Ask Type "suggested" or "required".

A SUGGESTED amount enables you to select four transaction amounts and provide supporters with easy options for giving. You can also choose to "Prefill" one of the four amounts. 

A REQUIRED amount will enable you to set an exact amount for this form. Only use the "required" setting for a special occasion. Supporters can not enter their own amount or choose another, they will be forced to donate the "required amount.”


Payments Methods

Payment options for the giving form include: Credit card, PayPal, eCheck, and Bitcoin. The options available depend on your gateway configurations. 

PayPal Redirect: When a supporter selects PayPal, they will be directed to a PayPal screen to complete their transaction. After they complete the transaction, you can enter a link for them to be redirected to another page! We suggest creating a simple "Thank You" page for your PayPal supporters to come back to.



You can configure the giving form to allow for recurring supporters! By selecting any frequency other than "One-time" you'll enable supporters to make their transaction repeat, based on the frequency selected. 


Transaction Options

Dedication: You can enable supporters to "Dedicate" their transaction. When a supporter dedicates a transaction, they will enter a name for the dedication and type of dedication. When a transaction is dedicated, you'll see a note of it on the transaction profile. 

Anonymous: Many supporters prefer to make their transaction anonymously. When a supporter selects "Anonymous" their name will not be displayed publicly.

  • When logged into Funraise backend, you'll be able to see the supporter name and information like normal, as well as a note that the supporter requested anonymity. 
  • 🤓  Developers - if you are using the Funraise API to display supporter -  it is your responsibility to make sure you DO NOT DISPLAY anonymous supporter!

Company Match: To use this feature, you must activate the Double the Donation Integration or the Amply Integration

Comment: This is an optional, open text field if your supporters would like to leave a note.


Operations Tip

This is an optional and customizable "up-sell" on your giving form. With one-click, donors can increase their transaction by a specific percentage to cover a specific cost. This is often used to help cover operations costs or use it to cover your credit card processing fees!


Allocations are specific programs or projects that require funding. You can enable donors to select exactly how they want their donation used by adding allocations. You must first add allocations from your donations reporting section for them to appear in the giving form editor. 

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