Campaign Sites can contain Custom Pages. Custom Pages can also be added to your site navigation. You'll first need to create a Custom Page before adding it to your navigation.

To add a Custom Page to your navigation:

1. From the Site Editor, hover over the site navigation to reveal the edit options > click Custom Links

2. Click the checkbox next to the custom page you'd like to add

3. Click Save


  • If you only have one Custom Link added, it will appear as a text link in the navigation.
  • If you have more than one Custom Link visible in your top navigation, the items will be accessible inside a dropdown menu. The title of this dropdown menu will appear in your navigation and can be edited.
  • You can reorder custom links in the dropdown menu.

☝️You can also add an external link to your navigation, for example a link to your main website. To add an external link, you'll follow the steps listed below, but for step #2 above, click Add Custom Link.

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