This integration may not be included in every Funraise plan.

Funraise sends great donor data to your Mailchimp account through our Mailchimp Integration. Using that data, you can create powerful segmented audiences in Mailchimp to reach out to your donors effectively. You can find instructions for setting up your Funraise | Mailchimp integration right here.

Now that your Funraise | Mailchimp integration is set up, you can send targeted emails to segmented donor lists. Here are a few great actions you can take using these segmented lists:

  • Automate new donor welcome streams, driven by amount of donation or type of donation.

  • Automate retention drips, driven by last donation date.

  • Send mass emails to donors or fundraisers.

  • Segment supporters by Capacity to Give or total amount donated.

To create these segmented Audiences within Mailchimp:

  1. Go to the Audience you created for the Funraise integration.

2. After you click into your Funraise list, choose "New Segment" as shown below.

3. On the next screen, create your segmented donor lists by choosing from Mailchimp's merge field options. Below is an example that shows a few of the different types of data points that Mailchimp can use to create your perfect list. 

4. After you've added the fields you want to your list, click "Preview Segment" at the bottom of the box. It'll take you to a list that looks like this: 

5. Finally, choose the "Save as segment" option and choose a name for this segmented list. Be sure to check the "Auto-update" option so that this list will be automatically updated when new donors meet this segment's criteria! 

Create as many segmented lists as you like! 

In case you need a refresher, here's the list of data points that are sent from Funraise to Mailchimp.

What data is sent to MailChimp from Funraise?

  • Donor Type (potential, recurring, one time, returning)

  • Institution Type (Individual, Foundation, Place of Worship, Corporation, Government, School, Donor Advised Fund, Fundraising Team, Other) 

  • Postal Code

  • Country 

  • State

  • City

  • Donor Tags

  • Age

  • Gender (Man, Woman, Non-Binary/Other, Prefer not to say) 

  • Net Worth 

  • Income

  • P2G Score 

  • Gift Capacity 

  • Total Donated

  • Count Donated (number of donations)

  • Total Fundraised (sum of donations to  fundraiser pages)

  • Count Fundraised 

  • Last Donated Date

  • First Donated Date

  • Is Fundraiser (1 = Fundraiser, 0 = not a fundraiser.  Do not use "yes" or "no"-- Mailchimp recognizes both as "0")

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