Create your Giving Form in Funraise

  1. Toggle on the V2 Form from the Giving Form Editor by navigating to Settings and then scrolling to Advanced: Enable V2 Form, and toggle on V2. The V2 version of the form will provide the best experience on your Squarespace site. 
  2. Copy your Giving Form embed code.

Jump into Squarespace to embed the V2 Giving Form Code

The V2 Form Code has three main parts. Below, see where to place each part of the embed code in your Squarespace site editor.

1. Paste the 'Funraise Embed Code' & 'Form Code' into your site's Header

a.) In Squarespace, navigate to Settings  > Advanced > Code Injection

b.) Paste the Funraise Embed Code and the Form Code into the Header box. IMPORTANT: These parts of the code should only be placed ONCE on a page.

2. Paste the 'Button Code' on a page

a.) Navigate to the page you want to add the button.
b.) Add a Code content block to the page and paste the Button Code here.
c.) You can place the Button Code as many times on a page as needed!

If you are adding multiple Giving Forms to your Squarespace site, add an additional Form Code in your site Header to configure each specific form. For Example:

window.funraise.push('create',{form: 16});
window.funraise.push('create',{form: 17});

Now, pat yourself on the back because you just embedded your Giving Form ;)

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