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When a supporter makes their first donation, it's only the beginning of a potentially valuable and long-term giving relationship. There are many strategies to welcome supporters, including personal phone calls and mailings, but you'll at least want to thank supporters and make sure they are on-boarded as an important member of your organization. 

With the New Donor Welcome series, you can welcome new donors automatically with a series of emails!

WHO receives the email campaign? 

Any NEW donor will receive this email. A new donor is someone who donates with a unique email address. 

This email campaign is a SERIES, which means the donor will receive each email, no matter what actions they take while they are in the campaign.

WHAT emails are sent?


There are 3 emails that you can send. You can toggle on all the emails or only the ones you want to use. We suggest using them all!

  • Within 1 HOUR after first donation

  • 7 DAYS after first donation

  • 21 DAYS after first donation

Read more about how to edit an individual email here.

📸 Here's Some Example Content! 

  • Use some merge tags to personalize emails! 

  •  Include photos in your emails! 


Within 1 HOUR after First Donation

  • The first email in this campaign should be used to officially WELCOME the new donor to your team. Treat them as if they have just joined you and jumped on board. SAY THANK YOU. Make sure they are following your communication channels!

Welcome *|donor:first_name|*, Thank you for your generous *|donor:last_donation_amount|* donation! Your gift will help us continue working towards our mission. We can only do this vital work with the dedicated support of people like you. Thank you. You are now an important member of our team. We are excited to have you on board! We'll stay in touch about the impact of your donation and how you can continue to be involved! If you're not already yet, be sure to follow us on facebook!

< insert button linking to your facebook page >


7 DAYS after First Donation

  • A week after the first donation, it's a good time to share an individual story of impact. Try to help your donors emotionally connect with an individual story. Maybe link to an impact blog post!

Hi *|donor:first_name|*, You've probably heard that we planted over 40,000 trees last year, but do you know the impact that each individual tree has for the community it's planted in? A tree can provide enough oxygen for multiple people to breath for a year! Your donation last week is helping us plant a tree this week! Read the story of a tree we recently planted to see the impact that just ONE tree can have! 

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21 DAYS after First Donation

  • A few weeks after the first donation, you might want to offer your new donor a way to get further involved! The closer you can get your donors to your actual work the better. If there is an opportunity to experience your work first hand, invite them to do it.

Hey there *|donor:first_name|*, Did you know we plant trees together every Sunday? This is a great way to see the impact of your recent donation first hand. Who knows, you might even plant the tree that your donation funded! Check out our chapter map and join a planting team in your area!

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