If your organization began using Funraise part way through the calendar year, you may have donors who made a donation earlier in the year, prior to migrating to Funraise. These donors will not receive the Yearly Donation Summary automated email. 


Why? The Yearly Donation Summary email begins recording the donors who should receive the email after it's been activated. You'll need to toggle this email on in order to started recording donors.

Pro Tip: If a donor who was migrated makes a donation after the Yearly Donation Summary email has been activated, they will receive the email and ALL their donations for that year will be included in the summary, including any imported donations.

This means that you may have some donors who were migrated this year, and gave this year prior to migration, but will not receive a Yearly Donation Summary email. 

What to do? No worries, it's easy to create a list of these donors in Funraise and then you can manually send each donor the Yearly Donation Summary email.


First, find the supporter who needs to be sent the email manually:

  1. From the Supporters section > Click + add filter > and add the filters described below.
  • Imported > equals > True
  • Last Donation Date > is before > (insert your date of import)

Now, that you have the list of donors who need the email to be triggered manually, you're ready to start sending! 


THIS FEATURE IN DEVELOPMENT: We are currently developing the action described below and we fully expect it to be ready for tax season in 2018. This action is not currently accessible.

To manually send a donor their Yearly Donation Summary email: 

1. From the Supporter Profile  > Click Actions > Click Send Yearly Donation Summary Email

  • This will send the contents of the corresponding email template to the supporter.


You'll only need to capture this list and manually send to migrated donors your first year.  Once you've activated your Yearly Donation Summary email, the emails will send automatically, to all of you donors, year after year. 

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